Postcodes GB mostly Opens.

The Ordnance Survey offers the GB postcode area data free to make use of Signal-Level Start that you can find out about here as well as the specific license terms are here.

That will be great you ll observe that being the GB dataset, you dont get the BT postcodes which are utilized in Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland LPS's Property Property Assistance owns the copyright for that Northern Ireland postcode information, and there seems to be many methods to have a permit along with the data to use it.

The LPS possess a solution called the Main Postcode Listing that you may permit from their website below that will be 250 for charge and an annual license for internal business use.

The UK Office for National Data also submit the postcode information and give you just one consumer license for that Northern Ireland postcode information but because they say you have to contact the LPS right for this above and this doesn't protect commercial use.

The Ordnance Survey do possess the total UK postcodes including Northern Ireland within their certified merchandise Signal-Stage which supplies an exact geographic area, to some quality of just one metre, for every postcode product within the Great Britain you are able to permit this information for the whole UK, or simply a part Thus if you like to permit the part of Northern Ireland for everybody inside your organization for internal use for instance you had been with them on an interior web application then these could be certified for 101 customers for 164 32 per year if you should be using it for less Customers, then your cost scales down to 49 30 to get a single-user As Earthware are an Ordnance Survey Licensed Associate, we're ready to provide the information and these permits.

Remember that information you produce in the Signal-Stage postcodes may be viewed derived information and probably come under the exact same license conditions for instance, should you used the Northern Ireland information to remove postal code polygons, possibly by developing a Voronoi Diagram then to keep using your polygons you have to keep your OS permit each year also obviously public sector companies may use this information at no cost underneath the Public Sector Mapping Contract PSMA.

Your friends at Geolytix have produced some stunning hand modified Postal Field boundary polygons in the GB based Signal-Level Available, that you can obtain as open information below They've also produced Postal Field boundary polygons for Northern Ireland aswell, and when you intend to use these then you are able to permit the Ordnance Survey Signal-Stage data through us, then you can certainly enjoy full UK polygon coverage.

UK Postcodes

At UK Postcodes you can search UK Postcodes to send mail and looking up UK Cities and UK Addresses Postcodes. The Postcodes are alphanumeric and between six and eight characters long. They are divided into two parts separated by a single space. Those two parts are the outward code and the inward code. The outward code includes the postcode area and the postcode district. The inward code includes the postcode sector and the postcode unit.

UK Postcodes

In UK, the Postcode system have been adopted for a wide range of purposes in addition to aiding the sorting of the mail: for calculating insurance premiums, designating destinations in route planning software and as the lowest level of aggregation in census enumeration.

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